May 28, 2013 – New Single – I’m In Love With You – Leave a Comment

Gerry’s new single called “I’m In Love With You” is available for free download.  This is a Christian love song Gerry wrote for his wife Allison, and is about true love between a man and his wife.

Men are told to love their wives as Christ loves the church.  This is probably the easiest command in the Bible for Gerry to follow because he has been blessed with the perfect wife.  In all of the years Allison and Gerry have been married, they have always tried to put each other first.  Gerry hopes this song encourages everyone who hears it to rejoice in God at the wonderful gift of marriage.

“Thank you Allison, for being so completely loveable – what a gift!”

As with all of Gerry’s Christian songs, this MP3 is free to download.  Please share it with you friends.

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