Who Is This Child? (The Donkey Song)

This is  a Christmas song for children of all ages!  As is the case with all of Gerry’s songs, you can download it for Free from this website.

“Brilliant! I love the perspective… put a smile on my face.” – Bori Afolabi (Musician)
“Classic in the making!” – Anita Glaab (Faith FM)
“Great song!  I love the 3/4 Celtic vibe…” – Mike Morabito (Musician)

A note from Gerry
“When I was asked to write a Christmas song, I wanted to approach it from a different angle.  My original idea was to write it from the perspective of the inn keeper, but after doing some research I couldn’t find enough evidence in the bible that an inn keeper actually existed, so I thought… what about the donkey?

The idea made me laugh at first (and it still does a bit), but it allowed for a retelling of the Christmas story with a certain child-like innocence.  I hope you enjoy it!” – Gerry Asmus

Download the guitar chords here (right click to save)


I’m not the wisest of donkeys
But I work really hard for my hay
I carry and pull and my burden is full
Then I rest at the end of the day
I rest at the end of the day

But someone has let in the shepherds
I hope they’re not staying all night
To be at my best you know I need my rest
And I wish they would turn out the light
Why is this room so bright?

And who is this child in my manger?
Where are the oats for my feed?
It’s all well and good that they care for a stranger
But even a donkey has needs
This little donkey has needs

As the evening continued
The ox shared his manger with me
I’d eaten my fill and the baby was still
So I moved a little closer to see
I looked down and what did I see?

But a beautiful child in a manger
If you were there you would agree
And as I was watching the dear little stranger
Looked up and smiled at me
He looked up and smiled at me

Now we donkeys aren’t known for our wisdom
I thought as I furrowed my brow
But I tried to explain to the ox on the chain
This baby was different somehow
This baby was different somehow

So who is this child in my manger?
And does he have oats for his feed?
They said when he grows he will rescue the stranger
And care for a people in need
And care for the people in need

Then wise men appeared bearing gifts
And I’ve never seen such a thing
They bowed down to pray and I heard them say
This child is really a king
This child is really the king

So I’ll worship the child in my manger
I’ll give him my oats and my seed
I’ll bray and bow down to the dear little stranger
Who came for a people in need
Who came for a donkey in need
And when the child grows he will rescue the stranger
And care for a people in need
And care for this donkey in need

Copyright 2012 – Gerry Asmus – All Rights Reserved